Today in the city Courtenay 24.08.2019




From the trails, to the brew pub!

My friend and I had no idea we were being recorded... Hence the goofiness.


Kick Drum Fence Jam

MC Éanna of the Massive Roots Dub Collective shows off their one person band skills at the Too Good To Be Threw demolition site in Courtenay, British ...

Space nugget

Crafty Butcher


Lower crafty butcher

Presidents Choice

Top Hat


Bottom of 50:1

캐나다 원주민 아이들과 벤쿠버 온누리교회의 여름캠프 / Teen Camp in Homalco + Craft with First Nations Youth [유나만세]

얼마전, 벤쿠버 온누리교회에서 주최하는 여름 틴캠프(YOUTH CAMP)를 하기 위해 벤쿠버 아일랜드를 다녀왔어요. 호말코 지역에 살고 있는 캐나다...

August 18, 2019

第一次与海豹潜水Scuba dating with sealions

My first scuba tour after certified ! Sealions are so playful and friendly , they are Incredible creatures!! Big love.

FinFolk Mermaid Meet august2019

Mermaid finestra and i did a lil swim the other day! Hope you like it You can follow myself and mermaid finestra on instagram @mermaid_finestra and ...

My 1958 DKW, Drives!

1958 DKW (Auto Union 1000S Sax Omat). Got it running recently, now it moves under its own power.

August 4, 2019

Schools out!!! Wet & Wild in Cumberland BC!!!!

August 4, 2019

Cumberland BC. Two flats bridge ....

When your microwave doesn’t want to be friends

Just watch.

Mo Moshiri - Wake Up

Mo Moshiri - Wake Up Directed by Lotus Eater Films Vocals by Mo Moshiri and Lucy Nelson's Grade 5 Music Classes (partially ...

Lawyers, Guns and Money - The Immediate Family ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

From their eye-opening mainstage performance Sunday evening in the Concert Bowl, The Immediate Family (Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Steve Postel, ...

Pasok Na Naman 4am Duty

Kain tayo, Lets eat

Let's Talk About Aging - It Sucks! - Part 1

In this episode of Get Your SHIT Together, Super Sue Finneron and Ocean Varney are both turning 50 soon and they sat down to talk about what they really ...

Bobby Rush full set ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

I've never uploaded a full set before but this Friday night performance was difficult to separate into songs as they all seemed to tie together, and the show was so ...

The Undread Roots Massive Dub Collective “Being Drawn To Jahweh”

Éanna goes for a deep meditation in this high mass session from the streets. #theundread.

40 Light Years - Colin James ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

Another original from his impressive mainstage performance Friday night, from his latest album Miles To Go, released on September 21, 2018, and featuring the ...

Helplessly Hoping - Steve Postell ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

From the Songs of Woodstock, 50 Years Later workshop Sunday afternoon on the Grierson Stage, Steve Postell (who was previously at Musicfest with David ...

Coming to Canada pt. 1

Boy Inside the Man - Tom Cochrane and Red Rider ... Vancouver Island Musicfest

Why'd You Lie - Colin James ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

From his mainstage performance Friday night. This multi Award Winning Bluesman got his blues ...

Sleepwalk - Amos Garrett ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

The master string bender at his best, on a stage full of talent. Joining Amos on stage are: Colin James Steve Postell Danny Kortchmar Waddy Wachtel Leland ...

Freedom - Colin James ... Vancouver Island Musicfest 2019

Patriot Son ❤️ This multi Award Winning Bluesman got his blues start on stage as an opening act ...

Mount Washington edit 2019

I've progressed a lot since last season.

BCBR 2019 Singletrack Chase

Stage 3.

Acrobat budgie igets tired

My 11week old budgie peters out for the night.


i almost died......JK.


Picking blueberries with a dear friend of mine

Picking blueberries in comox valley British Columbia june 21 2019.

Polar H10 Review - My favourite Fitness tool

In this video Super Sue talks about how she stays motivated using the Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor and Polar Beat App on her iPhone. Having tools to keep ...

Hotel Shenanigans

I was supposed stay in an unnamed hotel in Courtenay British Columbia. They lost the reservation and Expedia came to the rescue.

June 12, 2019

The Faded Column plays another Weapons of mass consumption free gig at Sid Williams fountain.

Surviving Cancer with Terri Welsh

Super Sue sits down with Breast Cancer Survivor Terri Welsh to talk about her journey with the disease. Please consider helping Terri and the Ladies Who Fight ...

Beach walking/Next time I will wear my shoes

When I'm thinking of beach I always get so excited. That time came and I decided to take off my shoes, you know I just wanted to feel the sand between my toes ...

My 1958 Auto Union 1000S Sax Omat. Had it for almost a year.

1958 Auto Union 1000s Sax Omat. Seized engine first start in decades. Finally got a few hours today.. Got her seized engine rolling (threw my "secret blend" in ...

Courtenay drawbridge on the Puntledge River.

Ships go in with seals.

June at Courtenay Mazda

June at Courtenay Mazda.

Perfectionism and Procrastination - Get Your SHIT Together

Are you a procrastinator? A Perfectionist? Both? Super Sue and Mia Jerritt sit down to discuss their relationship to each other. How to recognize if you are either ...
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